Saturday, August 21, 2010

Diary of a Starcraft Player

Day 1: Photon cannon rush. God, I am talented.

Day 2: Photon cannon rush. Then void rays. This game never gets boring.

Day 3: Mix it up a little. Proxy gateway. Zealot rush.

Day 4: My keyboard is sticky. So are my armpits.

Day 5: I built a Colossus. It didn't work well for me. Posted a thread on forums about how Colossus should be buffed. Also, how Void Rays should have more HP.

Day 6: Posted a thread on forum asking if anyone knows how to clean a skidmark off of my computer chair.

Day 7: Psionic Storm should really be autocast. Posted a thread on the forum about how Templar are too hard to use. Other posters suggested I make them into Archons. I think they should just remove the Templar unit and let me spawn Archons from the Gateway.

Day 8: Photon Cannon rush. I now have the 250 wins portrait. Some guy posted about how zerg need a buff and I told him to talk about balance when he gets to diamond league. Noob.

Day 9: Something is smelly in here, and I am pretty sure it is not me, because I sprayed myself down with Febreze a couple of days ago.

Day 10: Photon Cannon rush. This game never gets boring

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