Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Starcraft: A Reading From The Sacred Book of Zerg

"My faith is my shield."

A zergling once said to the Overmind: "I want to believe in you, but how can I keep my faith, when the life of a zergling is so very brief and full of suffering?"

And the Overmind said unto the zergling: "Look back at the path thou hast trod all of thine life. You will see there are two sets of footprints, for where you have walked through torment and trial, I have walked beside you."

And the zergling looked back and saw that, for much of the way, there were, indeed, two sets of footprints, but sometimes, where he had endured the harshest difficulties, he saw only one set.

"But Overmind," the zergling said. "What about the places where my journey was the most painful? When I look at those spots, I see only one set of footprints. You abandoned me."

"I did not abandon you, my child," said the Overmind. "Those places where you see only one set of footprints are the places where I sent in Mutalisk air support."


  1. Mmmmm, sacrelicious. I love it!

  2. Just hilarious. Showed to all my friends.

  3. Falter not in the face of the enemy. With faith as your shield and holy hatred your sword, know that the Overmind stands at your shoulder and you shall not fail