Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Gear Will Destroy WoW.

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All right.

Before we start this discussion, I just want to establish for the record that I am awesome.

I kill every boss before everyone else, and when I do, I get first pick of the loot because nobody is seriously going to try to say they deserve it more than me. You say 'hard mode'? I say 'not-hard-enough mode.' Why don't you learn to play?

I am on top of every meter, always. I have been sending weekly e-mails to Blizzard asking them to come out with new meters for me to do better than you on.

Check out my gear. You wish you had this gear. Your guy looks like a hobo. Like a hobo who smells like pee. You could not be any more pathetic. It's kind of like that you are caught in a rain shower, and you reach the point where you stop trying to stay out of the rain because you can't get any wetter. Except the rain is shame and humiliation.

On the other hand, my guy could be waving from the lead float in the pride parade. My stuff freaking sparkles.

Basically, I poop excellence, and I poop frequently.

Now that we've established that, I just want to say that I am outraged that the new emblem system will offer you a mechanism to crawl out of the pit of shame in which you dwell.

When I killed Malygos in January, I got an ilvl 226 necklace, and, when 3.2 goes live in late August or September, you will be able to get a necklace that is slightly worse from running Heroic Violet Hold. In what universe is that fair?

On top of this indignity, you will be able to get two pieces of tier 8, possibly during a period when I will still be using the same equipment. Why should you have that? You will probably gem it for strength. On your mage. Or just leave the socket empty for six months. I don't even think I want to play a game where you have two pieces of gear that are as good as mine.

How can Blizzard even think of providing raid quality gear for badges obtainable in heroics? Nothing like this has ever happened, except the time they nerfed Ragnaros, and the time they added a bunch of fire resist gear to the dark-iron rep to make it easier to kill Ragnaros, and the time they removed the despawn timer from Vaelestrasz, and the time they nerfed Broodlord Lashlayer, and the time they nerfed Chromaggus, and the time they removed the despawn timer from Nefarian, and the time they removed the attunement from Karazhan, and the time they removed the attunements for Serpentshrine and Tempest Keep, and the time they removed the attunements for Black Temple and Mount Hyjal, and the time they put the epic gems that only dropped in end-level raids and raid-quality weapons and armor on the badge vendors on Sunwell Island, and they time they massively nerfed every boss in BC a month before the expansion, and the time they implemented major nerfs to every single boss in Ulduar.

But this is the last straw.

Whose idea was it? Was it Nancy Pelosi's? Seriously, I want to know. If anyone inside Blizzard can talk some sense into the dev team and stop the changes to the Emblem system, I will buy them two tickets to the Glen Beck comedy tour as a thank-you present. Just putting that out there.

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